We are a energetic team which gives a strong output to the industry.

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What is a Atakits

The name “Ätakits” one of the strongest and unusual call which we've got brought to the global industry with a most powerful bond and analytical answers. The “Atakits” comes from Sri Lankan context inside the Sinhalese that's our mother language. “Atakichcha” gave the delivery call to “Atakits” which comes from a specific kind of frogs. It's a completely small frog with a robust voice. No every other large frogs can scream like it. Its voice is going a ways past 1 kilometer. So our major goal turned into to shape this call which strongly believe us that we will do big matters with the knowledge of our robust software program abilities.

As “Atakichcha” (ඇටකිච්චා) is a small frog, its voice is so strong and powerful. So like that our team is a small team but our energy and the software based skills are powerful. We wanted to give this name to our small software company, as we can do many energetic and strong work together achieve our organizational goal in the industry. New concepts and techniques changes people’s mind and thinking pattern to a new step in the global IT industry. That’s why we as a team always wants to do in the field of IT. We strongly believe that we can do new things to change the world one day.