About Us

Who we are

We are a energetic team which gives a strong output to the industry. “Atakits” a software company which is based on Web-Based software solutions. Our target is micro and small business evaluation. The software we develop in this company is not big, but strong cloud-based software systems. Out team develops systems which based on accounting, HR and other related industries.


What is Atakits

As “Atakichcha” is a small frog, its voice is so strong and powerful. So like that our team is a small team but our energy and the software based skills are powerful. We wanted to give this name to our small software company, as we can do many energetic and strong work together achieve our organizational goal in the industry. New concepts and techniques changes people’s mind and thinking pattern to a new step in the global IT industry. That’s why we as a team always wants to do in the field of IT. We strongly believe that we can do new things to change the world one day.

Atakits” the birth name given to our small team. We basically do the software projects related to cloud based and web based application developing. Using different platforms and languages, we create and build the software structure in to a reality. But in the cloud based solutions, we allow users access the software applications that run computer shared resources. For an example: power, memory, disk storage and processing power etc. it’s one of the latest and one of the trending technical solutions. So we are here to help our customers with the access to more and more contextual analytical software.



Our Vision


"This is our Vision..

“Our Vision is to be the best software for micro and small businesses which transforms complicated working environments to well organized and easy going”

Our Mission


"This is our Mission..

“Provide the best Web-Based real time applications to the customers by providing and being the premier technology application developer whilst delivering what actually customer need using a software.”